Introducing Osi Scrub Wearrepresentation of inclusion; people wearing osi scrubs

Introducing Osi Scrub Wear

representation of inclusion; people wearing osi scrubs

Introducing An African-inspired scrubwear line will be launching today, Wednesday, June 21st, 2023. The idea of @osiscrubs Scrubwear stemmed from the love and passion of African culture, and the ultimate goal is to make healthcare workers look and feel amazing while being on the frontlines. More so, @osiscrubs aims to showcase the beauty of Africa’s unique and vibrant patterns through our scrubs.

And, because giving back to our motherland is also important to us, @osiscrubs will be donating a portion of our company's sales to a foundation in Africa at the end of every year.

Kindly join us in this journey and follow us on Instagram at @osiscrubs to order your amazing Scrubwear.

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