Dr Bilqis WilliamsDr Bilqis Williams

Dr Bilqis Williams

Dr Bilqis Williams

Dr Bilqis Williams, an award-winning Nigerian doctor based in Canada.

Dr. Biliqis Williams is a physician and global environmental public health practitioner with experience in clinical, research, management, and crisis resolution.

She is primarily interested in women's health, mental health, community and policy development, geospatial analysis, health equity, racial justice, inclusive leadership, human rights activism, immigrant or refugee and displaced persons' health, and humanitarian service.

Awards and Recognition

She has received several awards, including: The Peace Prize for community activism; Canada-Clean Energy Project Liaison (Boston-Lagos) and the first person to ever receive this award; she was also named one of the 20 change-makers of our century by the Boston University School of Public Health.

Indeed, our world is becoming a better place with the help of people like Dr Bilqis Williams.